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Are you suffering from Migraines? If so, consider using these 5 simple measures for Migraine pain relief.

To begin with, understand this – migraine pain can be as severe as that from any physical injury (Mayo Clinic, 2020). Indeed, to those that suffer from migraines, this statement will come as no surprise.

Certainly, there are plenty of medicines and drugs available to reduce the pain from these acute headaches. However, there are also some other simple measures to relieve the symptoms without having to take drugs or medication.

Measures For Easing Migraine Pain

1. Reduce the Light Levels

To begin with, bright lights or strong sunshine can cause migraine sufferers sharp pain. Of course, it is possible to reduce this risk by lowering the light levels in a room. However, if you can’t control the light or are outdoors, try wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes (Pichardo, 2020).

2. Acupressure

Secondly, try giving acupressure a go. Acupressure applies pressure to specific parts of the body to relieve pain, nausea, and other symptoms. Significantly, testing proves it as a credible alternative treatment for easing migraine pain (McDermott, 2020). 

3. Botox

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service has been using Botox for migraine pain relief for almost a decade. Certainly, Botox’s nerve-blocking properties is a recognised treatment in many medical conditions, and migraines are one of those (NHS, 2012). 

The NHS based their use Botox for migraine pain relief on National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2012). Importantly, this guidance states that Botox is an effective treatment for chronic migraines. Also, those who experience migraines every other day, and have not responded to three different treatments. 

4. Mindful Meditation

Relaxing, concentrating on your breathing, and conducting mindful meditation can relieve the pain caused by migraines. Indeed, American Migraine Foundation research in 2016 backs this up(Orenstein, 2017). Subsequently, their research found that meditation was often as effective as medication, but with the benefit of being totally natural.

5. Lifestyle Changes

Finally, making a few simple life changes can help relieve the pain of migraines for some people. For instance, cutting back on caffeine or alcohol consumption can often remove the triggers that cause migraines. Indeed, this was found during research by Harvard Medical School’s Professor of Neurology, Dr Elizabeth Loder,(Harvard Health, 2018).


Unquestionably, pain from migraines can be excruciating and rank alongside that experienced by any physical means. Consequently, those that suffer from migraines have a range of drugs and medicinal treatments available.

Regardless of the type of treatment your use, we hope that you find relief from these most painful headaches. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions about measures for migraine pain relief, please free to contact us or your GP.

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